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I grew up in a small town where everyone basically we know each other from the moment we came to the world. Family, friends, classmate and neighbours. After graduation, I left this small town and begin my little adventure in Singapore to chase my dream. 10 years had passed in a blink of an eye. Am i happy? Yes, I was. Because I am chasing my dream.


In Aug 2017, my world came crashing down and in a blink of an eye, everything dear to me seemed to be leaving me. I was lost, I was trapped and I didn't know what else i could do. 

After trying my best to win back all the things that i had lost in 2017 for almost 2 years, I failed. I decided to give up on everything that still left on me. With just a bag on my back and a set cloth on my body, i bought a 1 way ticket to Bali. Next destination? UNKNOWN.

I seldom treat myself well. Hence, for my soul searching journey, I brought a trusted companion with me; my camera to accompany me through the uncharted road; i don't know where it will lead me to. But i believe, every road travelled is a lesson learned. 


Here, i would like to share... the world that i had seem through my eye and my lens with the world as a Traveller.

YK Chin

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