Malaysia, Truly Asia

A place where I grow up is a melting pots of various culture and languages. Don't be surprise if you meet with a local with superb language abilities. 


Amazing Thailand

Sawadeekaap and Welcome to the Land of Smile and Wai

Cambodia 1.jpg

Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder

Amazing Buddhist temples to beautiful beaches, Cambodia always full of wonder.

Passion Made Possible

A spirited city where Passion were consistently being pursued and  transforming itself from sleepy fishing village to the Garden City. Wonders is limitless here.


It's More Fun in The Philippines

From 7000+ islands, underground river, rice terrace and fantastic dive spot awaiting to be explore, it was always more fun in The Philippines. 


Laos, Simply Beautiful

A land of Compassion. Join me in my journey of rediscovering myself here

N.Lembongan Clift.jpg

Wonderful Indonesia

From world biggest lizards to exotic island of Bali, it always wonderful to be in Indonesia


Vietnam, Timeless Charm

When you heard about Vietnam, the first things that come into my mind is Vietnam War. I expect it to be still in poor state after the war, but I realise i am wrong, the moment I step into it.

Image by Jonny McKenna


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